Bright images, vivid colors, and creative applications - LED display technology provides effective visuals in virtually any environment from full sunlight to dramatically lit spaces. VIP Audio Visual carries a full lineup of display solutions that allow our clients to choose the option best for their situation.

LED Walls

Traditional LED Walls feature a block-type construction with multiple individual LED panels being combined to create a single display surface. These highly configurable displays can be used in any indoor space, in either standard or creative aspect ratios. The displays can stand on the ground or be suspended from support structures. The bright panels are virtually immune to interference from ambient light, ensuring that your message stays front and center throughout your event.


  • Bright displays work in any light conditions
  • LED technology creates a sophisticated look
  • High-quality panels can render fine details
  • Viewable from any angle
  • Custom aspect ratios allow creative applications
  • Ground-support or suspension options

LED Trailers

Our new LED trailers are the first of their kind in Northern California, and are a game-changer for outdoor or large-venue indoor events. These self-contained trailer-mounted displays can be driven to any location and set up by a single technician within an hour! The fast setup time reduces labor costs, making them a cost-effective and viable solution for events such as tradeshows, movie nights, corporate events, festivals, weddings, and even advertising or signage in any weather or light conditions.


  • Hydraulic display mounts feature push-button deployment
  • Each wall display can be set up by a single technician
  • Self-contained systems include generators for go-anywhere use
  • Trailers can be used indoors in large venues
  • Adjustable brightness for use in direct sunlight or night conditions
  • Completely weather-proof systems mean the show can go on!
LED Trailers

LED Posters

LED Posters

You’ll never go back to roll-up banners once you try our LED posters. These lightweight displays can be placed virtually anywhere in your venue, and can run completely on their own, or tie into a larger digital signage system that can be updated and managed remotely. LED posters are perfect for event schedules, sponsor advertising, directional signage, trade show booths, and more. Or, use them in creative applications such as stage set design, welcome displays, and more!


  • Thin, lightweight displays can take replace traditional retractable banners
  • Content can be loaded via USB drive for standalone option
  • Connect to a networked system for distributed content management
  • Freestanding, wall mount, or flown mounting options
  • Combine multiple panels for double-sided or cubed displays
  • Mix orientation and spacing for creative mosaic displays


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