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Project Profile: Creating a Dynamic Venue in an Empty Space

High Resolution LED Wall in Corporate Event Venue

How do you transform an empty office space into a high-end event venue? Our client pulled out all of the stops for this event, creating a high-impact all-hands meeting for their team. VIP Audio Visual was instrumental in this transformation, providing all of the technical and staging pieces for the event. Our team devoted three days to our setup process at the client's Sunnyvale office prior to their three-day event, which featured five breakout rooms in addition to the large general session.

In the general session, we built a large LED wall behind the stage as the focal point of the set, complemented by two projection screens on either side of the stage for primary presentation content. The widescreen LED was 24'x12', using some of the highest resolution LED panels available on the market today. The high-resolution wall looked great on camera, completely eliminating the moiré effect so common with lower resolution screens.

Behind the scenes, our video team managed the system with a combination of video processing tools. Primary switching of content sources and cameras was handled by our technical director on a 2-layer switching console, which created independent streams for the in-house screens and an online audience. At the same time, a secondary system provided scaling and routing to the LED wall, presentation screens, downstage monitors, and prompters.

A combination of manned and remotely controlled cameras throughout the venue were switched live to create our streaming broadcast for the online audience. Manned cameras followed the action onstage, while remotely controlled PTZ cameras were discreetly mounted at the front of the room to pick up audience interaction.

The VIP audio team deployed a flown line-array PA system to provide even and consistent coverage throughout the venue, ensuring that every word was heard as clearly in the back row as the front. Our DPA microphones guaranteed crystal-clear pickup of the presenter's voices for a distraction-free listening experience.

Beyond the technical aspects, VIP Audio Visual Company set up drapery around the perimeter of the room to eliminate outside lighting and distractions, ensuring that the focus stayed on the event and the message. Flown lighting provided color and illumination throughout the venue, and was animated to provide subtle motion during walk-in and walk-out periods.

While not every event requires such complexity, the capabilities we've highlighted here showed how exceptional audio/visual can be used to transform any event or meeting space into a magical experience for your company and your guests!

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